Board and Care

Full Board $1,300/month:  Consists of 12×12 and 12×14 stalls (14×14 stalls have an additional monthly charge of $175 to cover the cost of the extra shavings to bed the stall and extra labor to clean the stall), fresh water, hay and grain based on individual horse’s nutritional needs to maintain appropriate body weight and support exercise program, health feed supplements provided by boarder will be included in feed schedule, stall cleaning with bedding refreshed as needed, pasture turn-out (weather permitting), blanketing as needed (boarder to provide blankets or rent blankets from Camwood).  A $200 Training Discount is applied if a client participates in 12 or more training activities per month (Lessons and Training Rides count as 1 activity each and Treadmill and Lunge count 1/2 activity each).

Full Care Services $350/month:  Consists of ongoing care for your horse so you have peace of mind when you’re unable to make it to the barn, have limited time for your ride and to ensure the highest quality care for the best health benefits of your horse. Our staff will thoroughly groom your horse 5-6 days a week.  The full care grooming is deep and thorough to promote high quality skin care and coat health.  The full care bath is deep and thorough for preventative skin fungus and irritations such as fungal hair loss and leg scratches.  The light groom/tack-up & hose off included in the professional rides is the minimal grooming required for hygienic rides under tack, but are not a replacement for the more thorough grooming/bathing horses need to maintain healthy skin and coat quality.

We will tack up and bathe your horse when you give 24 hours’ notice of your ride day/time. Includes tack cleaning post ride and conditioning as needed as well as other common maintenance services such as mane pull or shorten, face & leg trim as needed, vet/farrier hold, hoof pack and leg wrap as needed, lunging, etc.  Full care customers also receive a discount on other services such as body clips and show care.  Any materials needed for care, such as, poultice, hoof pack (e.g., Magic Cushion, vet wrap), etc. will be billed separately at the cost of materials.  Only the service of applying the materials is included in the Full Care

Sales/Lease (8% to 15% Commission)

For clients looking to purchase or lease, we will search the available market, preview horses/ponies to create a short list for your evaluation and manage the negotiation and contract process.  For clients looking to sell or lease, we will market your horse/pony and manage the negotiation and contract process.

Additional Services

  • Private Lesson ($70 Head Trainer or $60 Assistant Trainer): Our professional trainers tailor each lesson to the horse and rider’s needs and areas of focus to advance the training for both rider and their mount.
  • Group Lesson ($60 Head Trainer or $50 Assistant Trainer): Consists of 2 or more riders and consists of longer ring time to allow each rider the equivalent active ride time as that of a private lesson, while providing the opportunity to watch and learn from other riders riding at the same level.
  • Lesson Horse Use ($20-$50): Camwood is able to provide use of a lesson horse and riding tack when a rider doesn’t have their own horse to ride in a lesson.  We are focused on maintaining the highest quality horses with the highest quality care in our lesson program.  Due to this high cost to maintain the highest quality, we are limited as to the number of available lesson horses and reserve their use for clients looking to participate in a long-term training program with the goal to move into a half-lease, lease or purchase of a pony/horse within 1-3 months and for our clients who have a horse in our rehabilitation program due time off for an injury.  The amount of the Lesson Horse Use fee will be based on the rider’s level and jump heights.
  • Training ride ($55 Head Trainer or $45 Assistant Trainer): Each ride is administered by a Professional Trainer and focuses on tuning your horse and/or working on refining or deeper training specific skills. Training rides are beneficial prior to attending a horse show, fixing problems or bad habits your horse may have developed (e.g., improving lead change) and to periodically tune your horse for a more enjoyable ride experience. Includes groom & bath.
  • Treadmill Session ($25): A session runs for up to 30 minutes of activity on the treadmill.  There are numerous programs available to deliver a variety of benefits such as yoga sessions to relax and de-stress your horse, cardio conditioning to build up their stamina and endurance, strength conditioning to build up muscle and strength and rehabilitation for your horse to walk in an even, balanced way in a safe environment to minimize risk of re-injury.
  • Lunge ($15 Standard or $25 with Rig): Lunge for exercise or to prep horse for owner’s ride.  Includes hose off.
  • Other services available upon request

*Full price list available upon request