Full Board ($950/month)

12×12 and 12×14 stalls, fresh water, hay and grain based on individual horse’s nutritional needs to maintain appropriate body weight and support exercise program, health feed supplements provided by boarder will be included in feed schedule, stall cleaning with bedding refreshed as needed, pasture turn-out (weather permitting), daily hoof cleaning, blanketing as needed (boarder to provide blankets or rent blankets from Camwood). Includes supplies, such as, fly control (fly spray, fly reducing feed supplement, fly predators, etc.), bathing amenities (shampoo, show sheen, scrubbers, scrapers, towels and coolers), grooming amenities (curry, brush, comb, hoof pick, hoof dressing), tack cleaning (soap, leather conditioner, sponges), lead ropes, leg wraps, salt/mineral blocks, peppermint treats, bottled water for boarder

Full Care ($350/month)

Ongoing care for your horse when you’re unable to make it to the barn or have limited time available to ride. Our staff will regularly groom/bathe your horse and will tack up and cool out your horse when you give 24 hours’ notice of your ride day/time. Also includes tack cleaning post ride and conditioning as needed.

Private Lesson ($60)

Our professional trainers tailor each lesson to the horse and riders needs and areas of focus to advance the training for both rider and their mount.

Group Lesson ($50)

Consists of 2 or more riders and consists of longer ring time to allow each rider the equivalent active ride time as that of a private lesson, while providing the opportunity to watch and learn from other riders riding at the same level.

Sales/Lease (8% to 15% Commission)

For clients looking to purchase or lease, we will search the available market, preview horses/ponies to create a short list for your evaluation and manage the negotiation and contract process.  For clients looking to sell or lease, we will market your horse/pony and manage the negotiation and contract process.

Additional Services

  • Lunge ($15 to $20) – Lunge for exercise or to prep horse for owner’s ride.  Includes bath.
  • Training ride ($45) – Each ride is administered by a Professional Trainer and focuses on tuning your horse and/or working on refining or deeper training specific skills. Training rides are beneficial prior to attending a horse show, fixing problems or bad habits your horse may have developed (e.g., improving lead change) and to periodically tune your horse for a more enjoyable ride experience. Includes groom & bath.
  • Exercise ride ($35) – Provides your horse an intensive exercise work out to give them time to burn off pent up energy, which helps them perform more even keel when you ride and keeps your horse in top physical condition for competition. Includes groom & bath.
  • Hack ride ($25) – A mental health break for your horse. Ridden on a long rein allowing the horse to find their natural stride, the pleasure of going forward and just enjoy being a horse. If your horse is only ever ridden with intensive training, lessons and competition, they can become sour to entering the ring. Hack rides allow your horse the benefits of exercise with the pleasure of just being a horse. Includes groom & bath.
  • Hand walk ($5 to $30) – Sometimes your horse doesn’t need the more intense exercise of a ride, but they do need to get out and stretch their legs with a hand walk. Price per session is based on walk time.
  • Groom/Bathe ($10)
  • Trim ($15) – Ears, nose, chin, bridle path
  • Body Clip (up to $175)
  • Therapy Blanket ($125/month) – SportInnovations ProSeries 3-in-1 blanket has three therapy modalities (PEMF, Massage and Heat).  The PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) modality supports muscle regeneration and injury healing.  Massage therapy supports relaxation.  The Heat modality is used to treat cold-backed horses.
  • Sales/Lease – Search market horses or ponies for clients looking to purchase or lease.  Represent horses or ponies available for sale or lease.
  • Transportation for client horses
  • Other services available upon request

*Full price list available upon request